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DRA's dotfiles

Dotfiles are those files and directories found in a Unix-like OS encharged of saving user-specific application customizations. As the name implies, these files are named with a beginning dot, indicating they are special files, generally hidden by default in directory listing for regular users.

It is a pretty common practice to upload your Dotfiles to a public repository so that you can easily move them to other systems and get some ideas from others. So here you have mine!

Bear in mind that I use this project to save my own configuration files, and some of them might not work out of the box for you. If you want a guide about how to customize your terminal on your taste, you can follow this post:

pimp my term!

drasite.com/blog/Pimp my terminal

Dotfiles tree

β”œβ”€β”€   .config
β”‚  β”œβ”€β”€   bashtop
β”‚  β”‚  └──   bashtop.cfg
β”‚  β”œβ”€β”€   qt5ct
β”‚  β”‚  └──   qt5ct.conf
β”‚  └──   tilix
β”‚     └──   schemes
β”‚        └── {}  Flat-Remix.json
β”œβ”€β”€   .local
β”‚  └──   share
β”‚     β”œβ”€β”€   qt5ct
β”‚     β”‚  └──   colors
β”‚     β”‚     β”œβ”€β”€   flat-remix-dark.conf
β”‚     β”‚     └──   flat-remix-light.conf
β”‚     └──   qss
β”‚        └──   fusion-simple-scrollbar.qss
β”œβ”€β”€   .bashrc
β”œβ”€β”€   .gitattributes
β”œβ”€β”€   .gitconfig
└──   .zshrc

Interesting files

  • .bashrc
    ➜ bash settings file
  • .zshrc
    ➜ zsh settings file
  • .gitconfig
    ➜ git settings file
  • .local/share/qt5ct/
    ➜ Themes for qt5ct
  • .config/bashtop/bashtop.cfg
    ➜ Bashtop configuration file
  • .config/qt5ct/
    ➜ Qt5 theme settings
  • .config/tilix/schemes
    ➜ Flat-Remix tilix colors profile

My terminal

Recommended installations

terminal preview zsh powerlevel10k prompt gif demo

Some terminal tweaks

Light color-scheme

Some tool aliases are configured for terminals using a dark color-scheme. You can change this configuration by modifying the COLOR_SCHEME variable placed at the beginning of the .zshrc/.bashrc file.

One line prompt

Zsh prompt is divided in two lines. You can change it to a unique line setting the POWERLEVEL9K_PROMPT_ON_NEWLINE variable to false, or by pressingCtrl + P zsh powerlevel one line prompt

Terminal color scheme


You can easily install this color-scheme on your terminal by running the following command:
bash -c "$(curl -sLo- https://git.io/JvvDs)"

Latest posts

Kali 2020.2 desktop and theme updates

kali 2020.2

Today Kali 2020.2 has been released and with it lots of new visual changes and desktop improvements.

Here's a quick summary of what's new:

  • KDE Plasma Makeover & Login
  • PowerShell by Default. Kind of.
  • Kali on ARM Improvements
  • Lessons From The Installer Changes
  • New Key Packages & Icons
  • Behind the Scenes, Infrastructure Improvements
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Pimp my terminal

pimp my term!

As a Linux user, I enjoy working with the terminal, and I find it an especially powerful tool. Therefore, I've spent quite a long time customizing it, and here is my definitive guide for terminal customizations.

First I thought I would only create a short post with some of the tweaks I like. But I had so many things I wanted to show that this started to become a considerably long post. So I've decided to publish it now, with as many tips as I can write, and I'll be updating it with new tips & tricks.

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Kali 2020.1 visual updates

Today Kali 2020.1 has been released and with it lots of new visual changes for its desktop. The following is a brief feature summary for this release:

  • Non-Root by default
  • Kali single installer image
  • Kali NetHunter Rootless
  • Improvements to theme & kali-undercover
  • New tools

But here I'm not going to explain all the latest improvements that have been introduced in this version but to reveal all the different themes and visual modifications that come with it. By the way, an essential change that I do want to emphasize is the switch to a default non-root user, with the username "kali" and password "kali". For more of the reasons behind this switch, please see this blog post: kali.org/news/: Kali Default Non-Root User.

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Kali 2019.4 new themes πŸ‰

Today Kali Linux 2019.4 just launched, and I'm so excited to announce that, for the last two months, I've been working together with the Kali team developing all its new look. The first noticeable change is the move from Gnome to Xfce as the default desktop. This change was made to make default Kali more comfortable for low resource computers, as it is also commonly used on small ARM devices that don't have as high performance as an average desktop.

If you don't want to leave Gnome, don't worry. Kali now offers a Gnome build for you with some of the new desktop themes. As this release was focused on the Xfce DE change, most of the latest changes were intended for this desktop. For next releases, more changes will be available for all kali flavors to get them "close" to a similar user experience no matter the environment you run.

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Build a PHP minimal Blog

When I was about to create this new fancy blog for my website, I was wondering what would be the easiest way to implement it without losing much time programming. Moments later, I was doing the same thing I always do when something could be just straight forward. Using an existing framework? Would you say...
... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Noup! I created my own ultra-minimal framework to handle it. But that is great because now I can blog in my blog about the blog! 🀯
If that makes any sense at all.

blog preview

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Swagger-js, tips and tricks

This article explains step-by-step how to set up and use the Swagger Client module for your JavaScript project. It also shows examples about how to properly use it and some useful tips and tricks that may help you in your development.

Swagger logo

About Swagger-js

Exactly as they define it in their github repository: Swagger Client is a JavaScript module that allows you to fetch, resolve, and interact with Swagger/OpenAPI documents. Thanks to these tools the developer is able to define the API to be used in a clean manner, and ensure all the code uses the latest API version.

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New Blog!


Finally! I've added a blog to my personal website 😎

Since I created this website I've been using it as a personal portfolio and a place to share my projects with the world. But many times I've felt I wanted to upload something less serious, not just projects. Something like tutorials, cool tech related posts, or just my thoughts... That's why I've just opened this blog and I hope I'll be adding lots of posts soon.

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